Guild Update

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Guild Update

Postby Uiqua » Fri 16. Jun 2017, 15:30

Hello everyone,

From now on the guild update is online on the English server :-)

What the update contains, you can see here:

New demon shrine

So that you and your guilds will not be bored, we have implemented a second demon shrine in the game. Here, too, the necessary goods are to be procured for the incantation.

Guilds that have not yet finished the first demon shrine can switch between the two shrines, having the possibility of delivering goods at the same time.

Since there are also special titles for players and guilds in the successful construction of the new demon shrine, we now have 3 different variations:
Names for the construction of the demon shrine 1; Names for the construction of the demon shrine 2; Names when both shrines were built

These rewards are waiting for you when you have built the 2nd demon shrine:

+ 10,000,000 guild points
+ Guild title
+ 4 units "Orc Illusionist" in the guild army
+ Complete map set for each player

As long as you are a member of the guild:
+ Player title
+ Bloodthirst fills up automatically for each player in the guild
- 5 min shorter fortress fights for each player in the guild
+ 5% production speed for each player in the guild

New unit at the Guild Merchant

Since then, the unit "Verdandi" could be given over from the guild to single players, so now also the new unit "Nightshade" here to purchase for guild honor.

Ticket Event

Up to and including July, 23rd 2017 there is also our summer ticket event. Again, it is necessary to collect tickets to exchange them for elementary, rare equipment and units during the event.

As with any update,
If you can not see some of the graphics immediately, press the F5 key or, if it has not helped, use the key combination Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard.

Then there is only left to say that we wish you a lot of fun with the update and a nice weekend ;-)

Best regards

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Re: Guild Update

Postby GYNDE » Fri 16. Jun 2017, 18:03

Way cool

Thank you

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Guild Update

Postby TarikDrine » Sun 16. Jul 2017, 23:42

ok May 20th update.. FPS still stuck on 58/59 no matter what you do. Should be 300fps and over Still gets choppy when busy.. Something has gone kaput and is sucking the framerates up. Anyone have any news?

Can someone Please look at this..

Thank You
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Re: Guild Update

Postby Uiqua » Tue 18. Jul 2017, 10:31

Hi TarikDrine,

this was the reason why we shut the server down yesterday. Now Days of Evil works fine again.

Best regards,

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